India woman creates world record for singing 1000 songs in 1000 days [VIDEO]

In dialog with Gulf News,'' Abraham stated,'following performing songs professionally for 2-4 decades and publishing 2-2 records, '' I felt I was quite stern like a musician, even being a artist.  I really couldn't know that which it had been '  As a result which she made a decision to make music once and for all and wanted to accomplish a few things within her own life.  Thus, she made a decision to sing a track every day for 1000 times," Abraham advised.
If You Would like to Follow most of 1, 000 tunes of Abraham afterward, have a Peek at her YouTube site:
A Dubai-based Indian female has recently generated entire album afterwards she listed 1, 000 music in 1, 000 times.  Lately, most of tens and thousands of tracks are composed, written, sung and listed with hersocial reports claimed.

Professionally, Swapna Abraham performs in a control consulting business at Dubai and stated she wished to get rid of her decades-long audio profession, paradoxically, starring 1000 music in 1000 times.

Now, she's focusing on create a second album to enroll her title in Guinness World Records to'probably the largest songs in an electronic virtual record '

India Lady Generates world Album for Playing 1, 000 Tunes in 1, 000 times [Video Clip ]
The lady called Swapna Abraham (4-8 ) has enrolled with her name at the Golden Book of World Records for several awards, for example the'quotidian accomplishment of writing, publishing and producing a tune are living'.  

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