Imam suspended after his wife of 2 weeks turns out to be a man

The burglar later disclosed about law enforcement his name since Richard Tumushabe.  He included he had scammed the imam to receive his dollars. 
A lady officer carried a system research about the defendant just to get out the'she' was a guy.  The imam was trashed following law enforcement advised him in regards to the individuality of the'spouse'.

As stated by the origins, a comparative of this imam has obtained him to get counseling.
Good friends and coworkers stated it had been not hard to detect he had been a person has he'd a candy delicate voice, walked the same as a female and has been dressed up in gomesi or hijab.

Right following the discovery of this individuality of this'bride','' Mutumba was suspended out of his clerical obligations.  The mind imam of the mosque,'' Sheikh Isa Busuulwa reported the suspension has been designed to carry on the integrity in these own faith.

Nuuru instructed that she did not realize her'niece' was a person as he has familiar with him if he had been an adult.  The so-called lien is also detained by the authorities.

 Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, the Imam of all Kyampisi Masjid Noor at Kayunga District, had wed his'spouse' Swabulla Nabukeera final month in Line with this Muslim customs.  Nevertheless, the genuine individuality of this'bride' was shown just later'she' was detained for thieving.

The pair spent together afterwards union, but they did have some intercourse like the'bride' maintained she had been menstruating.  The genuine individuality of this'bride' was vulnerable when she had been detained for stealing a tv series and outfits out of a neighbor's home.

Mutumba reported he received married later seeing Tumushabe's aunt Nuuru Nabukeera, that resides in Kituula village at Seeta-Namuganga sub-county.  Nuuru reported that Mutumba paid out a dowry which comprised 2 two bags of sugars three busuutis, also a carton of salt and also a Koran, '' the everyday Monitor claimed.

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